WP Reset Plugin: Overview and Review

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In this article, I’m going to review a great free WordPress plugin that I recently came across. It is called WP Reset and you can download it from the official WordPress plugin repository. I used this plugin to “reset” (to clean) my WP installation on which I was testing my premium Divi child theme (Blue Biz) before I released it.


WP Reset Plugin


Most of you probably think that regular users and developers are two different species with distinct habits that don’t have meeting points, but there are actually quite a few connectable dots. As hard as it might be to admit, we are all hoarders that pay our habits with a currency called reset! When you spot that sweet plugin that fulfills the needs you didn’t even know exist, you hit that download button faster than greased lightning. And by getting carried off, you make an enviable collection of helpers that many can admire. But on the other side of the coin, many of those remain unused and a victim of virtual dust that is piling on them. There are multiple reasons that can happen, and one of those is that the plugin sounds great in theory, but is it actually in practice? Only if you could give it a short test run to decide if you should keep it, without worrying about the consequences and changes that it can make (and I will share a little secret with you – it’s possible!).

Also, whenever you poke around different WordPress settings and make new changes, having a backup ready to jump in is a necessity, but the whole procedure with deleting the database and then creating a new one, then handling the unnecessary files is a bummer. Did you ever have a long talk with yourself and concluded that your website needs a healthy rebuild but were too afraid that you will lose the precious segments that you want to keep? You might think that these are different, specific situations, but they all revolve around one thing, and that is a reset. Now let’s get those hunter instincts awoken by killing numerous flies with one little thing called WP Reset.

WP Reset is a plugin that quickly resets the site’s database to the default installation values without modifying any files. It can delete all unwanted customizations and any single chosen part of your website, such as transients, uploads, plugins, themes etc.

On the other hand, if you want to make a full reset, by doing so you will delete:

  • all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, media entries, users
  • all default WP database tables
  • all custom database tables that have the same prefix table prefix as the one defined in wp-config.php and used by default tables

What amazes me the most about this plugin is the amount of versatility and functionality that it possesses. Let me take you on a short tour on all of the possibilities that you obtain with downloading it by clicking here:

  • One click Reset – simple, efficient and completes the mission with just 1 click
  • Post-Reset Setup – your environment will be reconfigured without manually reactivating plugins and themes
  • Selective reset tools – want to reset only a few sections? Don’t sweat it. Pick any one you want to and let the plugin do the rest
  • Nuclear reset – All options, all files, all custom database entries and tables need to vanish without returning? Give it a taste of nuclear power and decimate with 1 click
  • Change WP Version – A test requires a different WordPress version than the one you currently use? Switch → test → switch back. Done ✓

And even that doesn’t cover all of the benefits its offers, but I’ll let you conclude the rest of the investigation, because it’s time to break down the usage of this plugin. The first thing you need to do is create a database snapshot, which you can do by clicking on the snapshot button located right next to the reset button. This process usually takes less than 10 seconds. After creating a snapshot, scroll down to the “Post-reset actions” section where you can tick the boxes with options to

  1. Reactivate the current theme
  2. Reactivate the WP Reset plugin
  3. Reactivate all currently active plugins

When you decide upon those choices, the reset is ready to be performed. Scroll down to the “Reset” section, type in the word “reset” into the intended box and complete the action by hitting the “reset” button. At that point the testing/debugging/rebuilding can begin! This process will not affect the media files, plugins, themes, uploads and a few other elements, but fear not since all of that can be individually selected and deleted by navigating to the tools tab and picking the ones you want to eliminate. And with those few simple steps, a never easier reset is performed with all of the possibilities unlocked for you to explore. It has many perks for standard users, but especially for developers, and it’s a true rarity for a plugin to have this kind of usability for both parties, so it’s not a surprise that this plugin is the only WordPress development tool or non-developers. Whether you goal is testing a plugin, debugging, deleting, rebuilding, rebranding… this is the guy to hire!

And speaking of rebranding, I understand that it’s sometimes impossible to keep your current website. You might have decided to seal the deal with a sponsor that will enormously improve your business, or some other situation occurred where you don’t have a choice but to move to a different domain. That’s a reasonable move, but there are a few scary things that can happen. You will have to change your URL, and since your visitors have it as a suggestion or bookmarked considering the awesome content you are provident, all of them will be presented with the horrifying, disgusting sight of “404 page not found” error. They will presume that your website is shut down rather than just moved, the SEO will be lost, page authority destroyed and the chain of misfortunate events continues if you don’t step up and use the right solution, which is 301 Redirects. It redirects the users to the new page immediately, keeps the SEO intact, passes up to 99% of link authority… I could keep talking about this beautiful plugin for much longer, but since it’s a topic for itself, I’ll link it to you here so you can check it out and enjoy the perks that it has to offer.

Coming back to WP Reset, did I mention that it’s completely free? It excels with simplicity, is extremely straightforward and regardless of your level of expertise it can be a very powerful tool for setting your user experience on top notch level for you to pass on that user experience to your respective ones. If you stumble upon any complications or uncertainties, you will get an in-house support from people that built the plugin with a resolve guaranteed. Its high rating and over 100.000 active users send a strong message – download it ASAP! :)

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