Free WordPress Course: How to Create a Website from Scratch (using Divi)

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If you are searching for free WordPress courses online you will get thousands of results. The quality varies and it can be a tiresome process to find the best ones.

In today’s article, I will have a look at a complete WordPress course from DiviMundo. It covers all the steps you need to create a website from scratch.


Free WordPress Course


I like the “learning by doing” approach. You can download all the images and replicate the steps while building the demo website The Divi Crib at your own pace.

You can visit the course website or watch it on YouTube. The course is 100% free and there is no registration needed. Let’s walk through the table of contents:

A perfect starting point for beginners

The course contains over 6 hours of video tutorials covering 35 chapters and it starts from scratch. It’s a comprehensive scope, but it’s easy to skip chapters and just cherry-pick the parts that you need.

After the introduction, you’ll learn what you need in order to create your own website. You’ll also learn how much it costs to build a website (and how you can save some money).

In the next chapter, it’s time to register a domain and a web hosting account. One nice thing is that you actually get to see the complete process, since the tutor registers a real domain and a web hosting account live in the video.

After that, you’ll learn how to install WordPress with just one click and how to get a secure https connection with a free SSL certificate for your website (this is also very important for your SEO).

Divi – the world’s most popular WordPress theme

The next step is to choose a theme and this is something that all WordPress websites must have. The course happens to recommend my favorite theme Divi which I think is a great choice both for beginners and more advanced users. You’ll learn how to download, install and customize the Divi theme for the best design experience.

Now, it’s time to create content. You’ll learn how to create posts, categories, pages and how to upload images to the media library. The most important WordPress settings, like permalinks, site language and search engine visibility are also covered.

How to design your website

The next chapter is the most comprehensive and it is about my favorite part: design. After an overview with an introduction to the user-friendly Divi Visual Builder, it’s time to design a global header and footer with the Divi Theme Builder.

Next, you will design the homepage, about us page, news page and contact page. Since the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices, responsive and mobile optimized design is also covered. The design looks modern and minimalistic. You can see the end-result on the live demo website The Divi Crib.

Global templates with the Divi Theme Builder

The next part is dedicated to the powerful Divi Theme Builder where you can create global templates for blog posts, category pages, search results and 404 pages without using any code at all. This is a really nice feature that was introduced when Divi 4 was released in 2019.

Now, it’s time to wrap up. In the last chapters, you’ll learn how to import and export layouts with Divi. As a bonus, you can download a free Divi layout pack from the live demo website “The Divi Crib”.

Last but not least, the course ends with a website launch checklist.


If you need a free WordPress course with no steps skipped, this is the course for you. If you are experienced in WordPress but want to learn more about the Divi theme, I can recommend that you skip directly to the chapters about Divi and the Theme Builder. With more than 6 hours of video content, this is probably the most comprehensive free WordPress course.

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