What is Divi Child Theme – Explanation

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If you don’t know what a Divi child theme is, read on this article. I will try to explain it to you.

I assume you already know what WordPress and Divi are. If not, you can check my other article that explains what is Divi Builder (and Divi theme).

A WordPress child theme is an additional WordPress theme that inherits its functionality from its parent theme. It has nothing to do with children. :) Child themes are used to add some additional functionalities to your parent WordPress theme.

Child themes are mainly used when you need to add a certain additional function to your WordPress website. It is recommended to use a child theme for this, so that you don’t mess up with editing the core files of your main theme. Doing that you could break your website down. Also, if you made edits in your main theme’s files and then an update comes out, your changes could be overwritten. Therefore it is always recommended to use a child theme.

There are both free and premium Divi child themes. The free ones are pretty easy to set up (you can check my other article on how to create one). The premium ones are more complex. Actually they are predesigned whole Divi websites. They can be useful when you need to build a website with Divi, but don’t have time to design everything by yourself. In such case, you can buy a premium child theme for Divi. There are many nice ones in various niches available to choose from.


my Divi Child Theme Blue Biz

my own child theme Blue Biz


Finally, you might like to check my own premium Divi child theme called Blue Biz or my list of the most popular Divi child themes sellers.

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