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Update: If you are more serious with the SEO of your website, I recommend that you check out a premium tool Mangools. It’s a great SEO tool ideal for doing keyword research, rank tracking or, for example, analyzing your competitors’ backlinks.

Have you built a new WordPress website recently and you still cannot find it on Google? Have you posted some articles on it, but when you search for the URL of your website on Google Search, it doesn’t find it? If you have this problem, I will explain you what might be causing it.


WP Website Not Indexed on Google


The most possible scenario is that you have your website disabled for indexing on Google. You might either have the following code:

<meta name=”robots” content=”noindex, nofollow”>

in your robots.txt file. Or, what is more likely, is that you have ticked the option “Discourage search engines from indexing this site” (Search Engine Visibility) in your WordPress admin panel (in Settings > Reading). So just deselect this option and your website should get indexed on Google within a few days. The reason why you might have this option enabled could be that when you were installing WordPress, you chose to not allow search engines to index your site.

Another problem might be that your website has no any backlinks, so Google doesn’t know about your website yet. What you can do is to get some blog comments (they can be nofollow, too) and your website should get indexed on Google soon. Just make sure you do not spam. Leave only meaningful comments. Or another solution is to submit your sitemap to Google. You can create (and submit, too) a sitemap for your website with most of the SEO plugins (I use All In One SEO Pack).

The last problem might be that your website was penalized by Google. This could happen due to several reasons. It could be because you published duplicate content on your website (you can check if you have unique articles on your website with Copyscape) or you might have some toxic links pointing to your website. However, this topic is more complicated and I’m not going to write about it here, as this is usually not the case if your website is new.

Also, Google may not rank a website if the text on it was written by AI. If you have a certain article that you want to publish on your website and you want to verify if it wasn’t written by AI, you can use an AI detection tool Originality.AI. It’s the most advanced AI content detector & plagiarism checker tool. I’m using it to check all my articles before I publish them.

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