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Everyone who owns a website should know about the regulations set by different laws. Today, it is almost impossible to know every regulation which you must follow. If you want to be compliant and follow all the regulations such as GDPR, CCPA or other laws, you will probably need a lawyer.

It is complicated and sometimes also confusing to set up privacy policy, compliance notices, terms and conditions and other different documents. To have it everything perfectly done you will probably need a lawyer and that may cost you fortune. But there is a solution to this problem – Termly – service which will help you to cope with all these policies.

Do you need to create all these documents? Termly will help you with this problem

Since recently, there are many different laws for different countries that regulate the data privacy. There are two major regulations – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for EU and CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) for California – which regulate the protection of consumer’s data. You may think that you do not have to be compliant with GDPR in the USA but if the visitor is visiting the website from the EU, you must be compliant.

Termly is an online tool which will help you to cope with all these documents. You can create a proper privacy policy and other important documents for your website just in minutes with the help of this application. It is made for everyone – for bloggers, online stores, company websites, app developers etc.

After you sign up and fill in all important details about your website, online store, or app, you can immediately start creating your documents and it will not take you long. With this app you can create privacy policy, terms and conditions, disclaimer or return policy for your website. Furthermore, this tool offers you a cookie consent manager so the disclaimer for cookies will be shown every time it is needed.

There are many different options so why should you use Termly?

It is a platform with which you can create up to date documents which you need for your website so you will not have any legal problems in future. They solve everything for you so that you do not need any attorney and you can save a lot of money if you decide for this app. You can either choose the free plan or the paid plan (which is not expensive) so it is much more affordable than a lawyer.

It does not matter whether you are a blogger, online shop, or developer of apps – they offer solution for everyone. You can create proper compliant documents and it does not matter who you are and what type of business you run – they can cope with everything.


Termly Settings


Furthermore, the team from Termly permanently works on their documents and they update them regularly, so you do not have to be afraid of having outdated documents. The documents will be compliant all the time as they are checked. You will not have to follow the changes of the laws and regulations anymore.


Termly Privacy Notice


Last but not least, the app is easy to use so even if you are not the best PC user and you have just the basic computer skills you will be able to use the platform. It is simple – you just sign up, fill in all needed information about your website, generate the document and then you simply copy and paste it on your website.

Is it for free or how much do I have to pay?

Termly offers their users two different plans so it is very simple, and you will not get lost in millions of different plans. There is Basic plan and Pro Plus plan.

The Basic plan is mainly for startups or websites which are still being developed. It is just for one domain and you can create just one set of legal policies for one website. Still, the documents will be updated regularly so you do not have to be afraid there would not be compliant after some time. The policies generated will be both US and EU law compatible. If you want to use the cookie consent on your website, there is a limit of 100 unique visitors per month and just the annual cookie scan.

If you need the professional solution, there is a plan called Pro Plus. It costs $10 per month when billed annually or $20 a month if it is billed monthly. You can create unlimited legal policies, you can embed the documents directly onto your website, you can remove the Termly logo and you are able to customize the style of the policy. Furthermore, there is no limitation for the cookie consent, there is multi-language support, monthly cookie scan and you can again customize the cookie box, so it suits your website.

The pricing of Termly is very transparent and there are no hidden fees so you do not have to be afraid that you will have to pay more than you though.

Solve all legal problems once and for all

It may be difficult to deal with different laws and regulations. But with Termly you can solve all your problems for once even without an attorney. It is a money-saving solution which is simple and made for everyone.

They are very transparent, all the policies are compliant and up to date. With Termly you will have all documents which are needed if you want to run your online store or a blog.

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