How to Stop Divi Contact Form Sending Spam

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UPDATE: I no longer use the method explained below because reCaptcha uses cookies. Currently I simply install the free Honeypot plugin and it works fine and is all automatic as well.

Are you receiving a lot of spam from your Divi contact form? I have had the same problem, but luckily found a solution to it. Below I will provide you with a complete tutorial on how to solve this problem.

You may not know that since the Divi update 4.0.7 it is possible to use Google reCaptcha v3 on the Divi contact form module. Enabling it will offer you a much higher level of security. In my case I was able to completely get rid of all spam messages that I’ve been receiving from the Divi contact forms (on several websites that I’m maintaining).

So now I will tell you what you need to do.

First of all, you will need to create a Google reCaptcha v3 profile for your website. To do it, go to and fill in the details like you can see on this screenshot:


How to Setup Google reCaptcha v3


When you fill it in, click on the blue “Submit” button. After that you will see your reCaptcha Site Key and Secret Key. Leave this open in one browser window, as you will need this later.

Now enable the Divi Builder on the page on which you have your contact form and go into the settings of your contact form module and choose the option “Spam Protection”.


Divi Contact Form Settings Spam Protection


Then simply tick the option “Use A Spam Protection Service”.

Click to add a new reCAPTCHA v3 Account and copy & paste your Google reCaptcha site key & secret key (that you created at the beginning of this tutorial) here. Then click Submit.


Google reCaptcha v3 Score


Finally, I recommend setting the “Minimum Score” option to the exact value of 0.7 (there was a discussion about this in a Divi Facebook group and more people recommended exactly this number). Then just save the changes.

And if you have other problem with your Divi contact form, e.g. it is not working, you might like to check out my other tutorial on how to solve the problem when the contact form is not sending emails.

Note: If you are setting this up in the Divi backend builder and it doesn’t work, try it in the Divi frontend builder.

Also, don’t forget to test your contact form now if it works. I hope you will no longer be receiving spam emails from your Divi contact form.

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