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I wanted to give you a brief overview of a plugin which I’ve been using for literally ALL of my sites (including this one), and I think it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s called the Monarch plugin, and it’s easily the best social sharing plugin I’ve ever used. You see, many people want to turn their sites into more than just a location that people go for some specific information. Most bloggers, for instance, want their sites to become living, breathing, communities. The more people are sharing your content amongst their social networks and their peers, the closer your blog is to becoming a real community, with a truly loyal following, as opposed to being just another “static” website.


Monarch Plugin


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The Monarch Advantage

So, what’s the actual advantage of using a plugin like Monarch? Well, there are countless advantages, but one of the major ones is the fact that you’ll be able to test all different locations for your social sharing buttons, and see which place on your blog or website gets you the best results. How do smart marketers get high conversion rates consistently? They split test, and you should be too. Because when you’re building a community on your blog, you’re essentially trying to get a “conversion”… and this conversion is for them to share your post, and interact with others within their networks on account of your posts.

So, where can you put your social sharing buttons? Well, first of all, you can put them at the top or bottom of your posts… within the content area itself. It might sound simple, but very few plugins offer this feature, and it’s a fantastic one. On top of that, you can also put it in after a time delay. This will get people’s attention after they’ve read the post, or while they’re in the middle of it, which is fantastic for getting you more shares. You can also have them get the pop-up as they leave your page, sort of like an exit-pop, so once they’ve finished the content, they can decide then if they’d be willing to share it with their friends or not. There are many wonderful options, and testing several of them will allow you to see which works right for you.

Many Other Advantages

On top of that, it also has a very customizable design, which is also easy to configure for you, the webmaster. You can change the look and feel of your buttons, the shape, even the colors, with only a few simple clicks of a mouse. On top of that, the plugin also allows yours website to load much faster than most other social sharing plugins. It’s also responsive to whatever device your visitors happen to be using, so when they load your site, your social signals look great on every device. These are just a few of the many advantages you’ll get with Monarch. I hope you’ll take the time to give it a try yourself, and see what you’ve been missing out on.

You can see how I am using Monarch on this website – I have a floating bar in the sidebar on the left with grey icons for all social networks (you can choose any color you want in the admin panel for each icon). And then I also have inline social sharing buttons at the bottom of my blog posts. If you need help setting this up, feel free to contact me.

PS: You might like to read my review of the Bloom plugin on this blog too. Bloom is another premium plugin that is included within the purchase of an Elegant Themes membership.

Also, you can learn more about the Monarch plugin here.

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