How to Not Make the Header Smaller on Scroll

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UPDATE: Since the Divi version 4.0 (released in October 2019), you are no longer limited to the standard Divi header with its typical logo located on the left side and menu links on the right. The Theme Builder feature, that was added to Divi in this update, allows you to design your own header using the Divi Builder. You can read more about this feature in my other article on how to design a custom header with Divi.

If you are using Divi for some time already, you probably know that the Divi header (the logo & the primary menu) shrinks when you scroll down. I personally like this feature. It is a kind of an animated effect that makes the website’s experience interactive. However, I sometimes have clients who don’t like it and wish to have the header static. So in this blog post I will explain you how to do it.


Divi Theme Static Header


The process is really simple. All you need to do is to go to the Divi customizer (in your WP admin panel: Divi > Theme Customizer) and go to “Header & Navigation” and then in “Fixed Navigation Settings” set the fixed menu height to the same value as your menu height is (you will find this out in “Primary Menu Bar” settings).

Well, that’s all for today’s tutorial. I hope I have helped you. :)

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