How to Update Divi Theme to a Newer Version – Tutorial

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This time I’m going to give you the instructions on how to update Divi theme on your WordPress website or blog. You may wonder why I’m doing this, as you already know, it is really easy to update a WordPress theme. You just click on the “Update” button in your WP admin panel and that’s it. However, with Divi it is not that easy and I will explain you why.

Also, before starting, make a backup of your whole WordPress website, so that if anything goes wrong, you can easily revert back the changes. And if you don’t have Divi installed yet, head over to my other tutorial on how to install Divi theme.

To update the Divi theme to a newer version you will need an Elegant Themes license. If you don’t have one yet, you can get one here. Together with the license you will also get access to ET great plugins like Bloom and Monarch. So you need to own a legal license for the Elegant Themes products.

Once you have a license, follow my tutorial below:

1. Get your Elegant Themes API key

Log into your Elegant Themes account, go to: My Account > API Keys and copy your API key into your clipboard. You can also create more API keys here. This can be useful, for example, if you want to separate your personal projects from your clients projects.


Get Elegant Themes API Key


2. Enter your API key

In your WordPress admin panel, go to Divi > Theme Options > Updates and enter your ET username and your API key here. Since the Divi 3.6 update, you can also downgrade your Divi theme to a previous version from here. Just click on the “Rollback to the previous version” button. This may come in handy if anything goes wrong with your website after you update it.

When you enter your Elegant Themes username and API key, click the green “Save Changes” button at the top or bottom.


Divi Theme Options API Key


3. Update Divi Theme

Finally, go to: Dashboard > Updates (or alternatively: Appearance > Themes), choose Divi and click “Update Themes”.

And that’s it. Your Divi theme should be now updated.


How to Update Divi Theme


Updating Older Version of Divi

If the process explained above doesn’t work for you, particularly, if you don’t see the “Updates” tab in your Divi theme options menu, you are probably using an older version of Divi that does not support this feature yet.

For this case, you will need to use the Elegant Themes Updater plugin. You can download it here. Install this plugin and then enter your ElegantThemes username and API key in the WordPress general settings (Settings > General in your WP admin panel).

Note: Don’t forget to check which PHP version your web hosting account is using. Because if you update to the newest version of Divi, it may require a PHP version upgrade as well (before your upgrade Divi). Otherwise, your WordPress & Divi setup may break down. You can learn more about the Divi theme hosting requirements in this article.

Downloading Divi

If, for some reason, the above process does not work for you, you can remove Divi from your WordPress install and upload the newest copy of Divi. Just download it from your ET account and then upload it in Appearance > Themes.


Download Divi Theme



I hope this tutorial will help you to keep your Divi version updated. It is important to update your WordPress core, themes and plugins so that you avoid getting your website vulnerable to malware or infected. Also, every major Divi update brings us great new features, so we should not miss them. :)

And don’t forget to use a child theme to avoid losing your code customizations. If you don’t know how to create one, check my article on how to create a child theme.

Also, the update sometimes doesn’t work if you try to update Divi in your WP admin panel in Appearance > Themes. If this is the case, try updating it in Dashboard > Updates.

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