How to Import and Export Divi Layouts

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One of the greatest features of the Divi theme is its portability. It is possible to import & export its Page Builder layouts. You can export your own layouts and use them on other websites or share them with your friends. You can use the prebuilt default Divi layouts from the Divi library and customize them. Or you can also download (or even buy as well) Divi layouts from third-party sources. Elegant Themes also releases premade layouts on their blog. They were doing so during the Divi 100 Marathon (100 days countdown before Divi 3.0 was released on September 7, 2016). You can search for them on their blog or you can download them all here (the .zip file has 218 MB). And now they also release a new free stylish layout pack on their blog every week.


Import & Export Divi Layouts


So when you want to export or import Divi layouts, the only thing that you need to do is to go to Divi > Divi Library in your WP admin panel and then click on the “Import & Export” button and the top of the screen. Then you will be able to either import or export Divi layouts.

And this feature works with the Extra theme, too, or with different themes on which you would use the Divi Builder plugin as well. I really like this Divi feature. It makes my work much easier.

Besides Divi layouts, there are also Divi child themes. There are free and premium Divi child themes.

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