How to Create a Landing Page with Divi Theme & WordPress

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In this article, I will try to briefly explain how you can create a landing page in WordPress easily with the Divi theme and its premade layouts. If you are a WordPress newbie and don’t know how to start with it, you can read my other quick tutorials on how to install WordPress properly and how to install Divi theme.

So let’s start. I suppose you already have WordPress installed on your hosting account and an Elegant Themes license purchased with Divi installed. If not, you can get it here.


Landing Page Divi WordPress


I will make the process of creating your landing page really quick & easy, because I’ll be using the Divi landing page layouts that are available for free on the ElegantThemes blog. Here are the links to the articles where you can download them:

Layout Pack Wireframe Kit Vol. 1
Another Free Layout Pack
Wireframe Single Static Sections Kit

UPDATE: Elegant Themes now releases a new free Divi layout every week on their blog. And you even don’t have to download it, because you can load these layouts right in the Divi visual builder.

You will need to download the layout(s) that you want to use from these articles and then import them into your Divi library in order to be able to use them. If you don’t know how to do this, check my other tutorial on how to import / export Divi layouts.

Now what you need to do is to create a new page. I’ll be creating the “Home” page, as I want just a one-page landing page. So after creating this page I click on the “Use The Divi Builder” button. Then click “Load From Library” and choose your desired layout. After this you can play with your new landing page layout. You can make changes to the sections & modules, change images, etc. When you make any changes, just click the “Preview” button and preview your new page. When you’re happy with its look, click the “Publish” (or “Update”) button and you’re ready. Also, don’t forget to go to Settings > Reading and set this new page as your “Front Page” (if you want it to be the front page). In my case this will be the only page of my landing page. And if you want to have some links in the menu that will link to particluar sections of your landing page, check this my other tutorial on how to achieve this. Also, if you need a better explanation of how to work with the Divi Builder, check out my Divi theme tutorial.

And you might also like to check out my other article on how to build a multilingual website with Divi.

I hope I have helped you at least a little with building your Divi landing page with WordPress. :)

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