How to Change Footer Text on Divi Theme

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Since the Divi version 3.0 that was released on September 7, 2016 it is much more easy to customize your Divi website’s footer text & links. In this article I will explain you how to do it.


Divi How to Change Footer Credits


The only thing that you need to do is to go to the Theme Customizer in your WP admin panel. Just navigate to Appearance > Customize or Divi > Theme Customizer and choose “Footer” in the menu. Then click “Bottom Bar” and scroll down. You will see there a field called “Edit Footer Credits”. So just insert your footer HTML code here. In my case my footer code looks the following way:

© 2015-2019 | <a href=””>Privacy Policy</a>

Even if it’s recommended to create a child theme and insert your custom footer code into its footer.php file, now you don’t have to do this. Because your footer credits will not change even if you update Divi to a newer version. You may however need a child theme for other purposes. In such case I recommend you to check my other article on how to create a child theme for Divi.

In the Bottom Bar Footer Settings in the Customizer you’ll find other useful options to customize your footer. For example, you can choose colors for your text / social icons / background or can also change the font size of your footer text. You can make your footer text smaller, etc.

So now the footer text of your website doesn’t have to be “Designed by ElegantThemes | Powered by WordPress”, as you can easily change this.

And if you want to add some disclaimer or disclosure text even below this standard footer text line (like I have on this blog, too), check my other tutorial on how to add text below footer on your Divi website.

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