How Much Does Divi Theme Cost

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If you wonder how much the Divi theme costs, I will explain it in this very short article. The Divi theme price is the following:

There are 4 packages that you can choose from. You can either buy the $89 per year (Divi Yearly) plan or the $287 per year (Divi Pro) plan. The Divi Pro is a more advanced bundle that includes additional features like Divi AI, Divi Cloud, and Divi VIP as well. You may not need these features, but especially Divi AI can be really helpful with its AI features right inside the Divi Builder. Or, Divi VIP will provide you with premium support within 30 minutes.


Divi Pricing - Yearly Plans


The remaining 2 options are the $249 Divi Lifetime package and the $365 Divi Pro + Lifetime bundle. These are both one-time purchase deals. The Divi Pro version includes Divi AI, Divi Cloud, and Divi VIP as well. It is a great deal, discounted from the total price of $729.


Divi Pricing - Lifetime Plans


If you are on a low budget or are not sure if you will be using the Divi theme the next year, too, I recommend one of the yearly plans. Or, if you know that you will be using Divi a lot, I recommend the lifetime plans, which are one-time fee purchases and include lifetime Divi updates & support. They are also ideal options for web designers who will be using Divi to create websites for their clients.

You can also upgrade from the yearly plan to the lifetime access plan anytime by paying the remaining cost. And you can downgrade from the Divi Pro to the standard Divi plan anytime as well. Also, it is possible to buy just Divi AI or Divi VIP separately and later as an addon.

By buying Divi, you are purchasing an Elegant Themes membership (this is the company behind Divi) that includes, besides Divi, access to two other great plugins called Monarch and Bloom. I use them on most of my websites, together with Divi. This is a great added value to the Elegant Themes package. Also, the ET guys are constantly working on improving Divi, so it is definitely worth the price. For example, right now they are working on Divi 5 that won’t be using shortcodes anymore.

You can also check out my tutorial on how to buy the Divi theme or my other article on how to get some discount on an Elegant Themes membership.

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