3 Helpful Free Tools for Web Designers That I Use

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Today’s article for my blog will be a little different one, because I’m not going to share any Divi quick tip, nor a CSS code tutorial, but I’d like to share with you some useful utilities that I’m using on my PC. I’m using more tools, but I will highlight the top 3 most useful ones for you, the readers of my Divi blog, web designers.


Helpful Tools for Web Designers


So here we go to my list:

1. Instant Eyedropper

This a really great tool for web & graphic designers that can save you a lot of time. Using this tool you can find out the hexadecimal color code (e.g. #007fc8) by hovering over any element on your screen. You can also set it to copy to clipboard the code on click. I really like this feature and am using it mostly when I’m setting the colors for various items in the Divi customizer.

2. Greenshot

This is another great tool that can save you a lot of time. When you need to take a screenshot of a certain part of the screen, you just hit the Print Screen button on your keyboard and instantly after that you will be able to clip your screen. So just make a rectangular selection of what you need and then you can save it into your clipboard, save it directly (e.g. as a .png file) or even upload to imgur.com. This tool saves me a lot of time.

3. Streak

I’m using an extension called Streak for my Gmail account. It has more features, but the one that I’m using is email tracking. When you are sending out an email, you can set email tracking for it. This way you shall be able to find out when your email was read (or if it was even read). I find this feature helpful when I’m sending important emails to my clients or follow ups. I’m using the free version that allows me to track up to 200 emails per month, what is more than enough for me.

Bonus: Spotify

Finally, I also wanted to include Spotify into this list as well, as I like listening to my favorite music (I like trance) while working on my WordPress projects and I like to listen to it using Spotify. If you wonder why do I prefer Spotify over e.g. Winamp? Because, for example, with Spotify you can listen to the newest songs of your favorite music producers right a few days after they are released. Or, I listen to “beach sounds” or “ocean voices” while reading blogs or learning something new. This helps me to concentrate. And if you think that I pay for Spotify, that’s not true. I’m using the free version, as I don’t mind some ads.

Bonus #2: My Sudoku

Last but not least, I also wanted to include into this list an online Sudoku game that you can play from time to time in order to train your brain a little bit. The game app is free to play for anyone right on the website. And you can choose from 4 difficulty levels; easy, medium, hard and expert.

I hope you will find at least one utility in my list that will make your freelance business work easier. :)

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