How to Get Rid of a Cookie Consent Banner

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UPDATE: I still use a cookie consent banner on my website because I’m most likely required to do so by the laws. I’m using the Cookies and Content Security Policy plugin for it.

In case you set up a cookie consent bar or banner on your website in order to comply with the EU and California (CCPA) laws, I have a clever workaround for you that will not require you to display a cookie notice anymore.

Usually, you have to display a cookie notice to your visitors if your website uses Google Analytics (because Google Analytics uses cookies). However, I would like to show you a great alternative to Google Analytics that does not use cookies. Actually, the whole article is going to be about it.

The tool is called and I find it much better than Google Analytics. Below, I will explain to you why I think so.

First of all, I really like the user interface of this tool. It is very intuitive and everything is nicely laid out. On the screenshot below, you can see how it looks like:


Plausible Analytics Screenshot


Another big advantage is the speed of this tool. Both the speed of the UI when you are checking your stats (Google Analytics is very slow compared to Plausible), as well as the speed of the script that loads on your website. You can even improve your Core Web Vitals score by using Plausible Analytics instead of Google Analytics. You can read more about how much difference it can make in this article on the Plausible blog.

Other advantages include specific neat features. These are, for example, email notifications about traffic spikes (you can have an email sent to you when there is currently e.g. 100 visitors on your website). Or, you can also connect your Plausible website profile with your Google Search Console account and track which keywords bring traffic to your website(s).

The Plausible script is also open-source, lightweight (less than 1 KB), and privacy-friendly. All the traffic measurements are carried out anonymously. What is more, they do not use the data for any other purposes.

The only disadvantage of Plausible Analytics is that it is a paid tool. Their pricing starts at 6€ per month. However, I will gladly pay for such a decent tool and support its two co-founders, Marko and Uku. They also donate 5% of their revenue to organizations protecting the environment.

Overall, I like this tool a lot and I would recommend that you at least try it. They have a 30-day free trial, so you can give it a shot. Also, it works with Divi without any problems. I have already installed it on 6 Divi-powered websites.

Disclaimer: Please note that I am not a lawyer and am not giving any law advice in this article. Before removing your cookie notice bar, please make sure that your other plugins do not use cookies. For example, if you have an online store powered by WooCommerce, it may use cookies.

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