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If you want to create a website but Elementor Pro is not an option for you, using Divi can be very useful.

Elementor Pro is currently one of the leading website builders. However, many people do not find this plugin convenient or suitable for what they want to create.

For this reason, among the options you can choose from, I would like to present you with an excellent alternative: Divi.

Divi is a WordPress theme that allows you to customize your platform by dragging and dropping elements. In this platform, you can use templates and customize them according to your taste or preference without coding.

In addition to comparing Divi and Elementor Pro, I want to show you the qualities of this plugin as an alternative.

Why Choose Divi as an Alternative?

One of the strongest points of Divi is the structure system it offers. This system allows you to play around with the layout of the website. So you can customize its vertical, horizontal, top and bottom sections.

All of this gives you the possibility to extensively customize your online website. Which is very convenient if you have some creative ideas.

Apart from all this, there are thousands of reasons why Divi is an excellent choice if Elementor Pro is not your favorite. Because Divi has some outstanding features, such as the ones I will mention next.

Real Time Visual Design

In Divi, you can see the changes you make to your website design in real-time and genetically.


Divi Builder Screenshot


This tool allows you to work directly in the Front-end, allowing you to clearly and accurately see how the page will look according to the changes you make. In addition, you will be able to visualize its fluidity and harmony more effectively.

Templates and Miscellaneous Elements

Divi has several templates and elements to customize your website. You can even use pre-designed models and customize them to suit your taste. You can reuse the modules as many times as you need and rearrange them to create more innovative designs.


Divi Theme Layouts


In addition to all this, you can create global modules that are automatically updated in the designs where they are applied, in case they are modified.

Divi also allows its users to create custom templates and share them in the library. Therefore, you will be able to find more and more innovative, unique and creative designs that you can use and modify as you wish.

Permanent License

Divi has another advantage that makes it an excellent alternative to Elementor, namely that it gives you the option to purchase its license permanently.

This allows you to create an infinite number of websites with a single purchase. It is an excellent feature, especially if you are a web developer like me.

I hope this content has been useful for you to learn more about Divi. This way you will be able to create a customized website using a different tool.

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