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UPDATE: Recently Elegant Themes has brought many new additional features like Divi AI, Divi Cloud, Divi Teams or Divi VIP.

In this article, I’m going to list all digital products for WordPress that you get when you purchase an Elegant Themes membership. I will start with the top 5 products that are constantly being worked on and improved. Namely, they are the following ones: Divi theme, Extra theme, Bloom plugin, Monarch plugin and the Divi Builder plugin. After them I will also mention some Elegant Themes legacy products, like e.g. the HandHeld plugin or the older 87 premium WordPress themes.

All these products work on the open-source WordPress CMS (Content Management System). If you don’t know what is WordPress, read more here.

With the release of Divi, the strategy of Elegant Themes has shifted from releasing many themes, for focus mostly on Divi and make Divi a all-in-one theme, as you can create virtually anything with it.

So here we go to my list:

Current Products

Divi Theme

The Divi theme is currently the core product of the Elegant Themes company. It is a great multi-purpose theme. It also features a Visual Builder that allows you to build your WordPress website visually. I have also written an article that actually explains what the Divi theme is. You can check it out. Even this whole blog is dedicated mostly to Divi and WordPress tips.


Extra Theme

Extra theme is another theme that Elegant Themes is selling within its membership package. This theme uses the Divi Builder, too, so the work with it is almost the same like with Divi. The difference is that it is more suitable for magazine websites & blogs. You can check my comparison of Divi and Extra to find out more about it.


Bloom Plugin

Bloom is a premium WordPress plugin that is made for getting subscribers from your website to your email list. It displays pop-up windows, email opt-in boxes and widgets. You can read my Bloom plugin review to find out more about it.


Monarch Plugin

Monarch is another plugin that is included within the Elegant Themes suite. It is used to show social networks sharing buttons on your website. I’m using both Bloom and Monarch right on this blog. Just check the gray social sharing buttons that I have on the left. So that is Monarch. You can also check my review of this plugin.


Divi Builder Plugin

The Divi Builder plugin is a great solution if you want to use different theme than Divi (from a different theme developer), but want to keep the Divi Builder interface. So this makes it possible to use Divi with any other theme. I also have a review of this plugin here.

Legacy Products

In this part, I will briefly mention the Elegant Themes legacy digital products. They are the products that you can still download from your ET account and use, but they are no longer being updated.

So here is the list:


Handheld Plugin

Handheld is a plugin that is able to make your website to be mobile-friendly. It creates a separate mobile version for your website. I have a more detailed review of this plugin here. However, if you use Divi (or Extra), you don’t need to use Handheld, as Divi is mobile-friendly automatically. It is responsive.


Other 87 Themes

Here I will mention just the names of the 87 themes that Elegant Themes released before Divi. So here are the names:

Webly, MyCuisine, Chameleon, Feather, Boutique, LeanBiz, eList, Notebook, Convertible, DailyJournal, Trim, Flexible, Lucid, Origin, Harmony, Fusion, StyleShop, Explorable, Foxy, Nexus, 13Floor, Aggregate, Anticipate, ArtSee, AskIt, Basic, BlueMist, BlueSky, Bold, BusinessCard, CherryTruffle, Cion, ColdStone, DailyNotes, DeepFocus, DelicateNews, Deviant, eBusiness, eGallery, eGamer, eList, eNews, ePhoto, eStore, eVid, EarthlyTouch, ElegantEstate, ElegantFusion, Envisioned, Event, Evolution, Fable, Gleam, Glider, GrungeMag, InReview, InStyle, Influx, InterPhase, LightBright, LightSource, Lumin, Magnificent, Memoir, Minimal, Modest, MyApp, Nimble, Notebook, Nova, OnTheGo, PersonalPress, Polished, PureType, Quadro, SimplePress, Simplism, Sky, StudioBlue, TheCorporation, TheProfessional, TheSource, TheStyle, TidalForce, Vertex, WhosWho and Wooden.

Personally, before I started using Divi, I had been using the LightBright theme. You can see its screenshot below. It is a nice theme, but now that I use Divi, I must admit that Divi is much better and nicer.


LightBright WordPress Theme


Lastly, I will mention another nice older theme. It is called DeepFocus and you might have seen it somewhere on the web, as it was quite popular, too. :)


DeepFocus WordPress Theme

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