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If you are wondering if you should use Divi or Extra theme for your next WordPress project, read on. In this article I will briefly explain you which one of them is more suitable for what kind of projects.

First of all, I want to say that both of these themes use the Divi Builder, so if you are already familiar with using Divi and its builder (either visual or the backend one), you won’t have any problems with using Extra either. Also, both of these themes are sold by the same company, Elegant Themes. So if you buy an ET membership, you automatically get access to both of them (and to their great plugins like Bloom and Monarch as well). Therefore you even don’t have to think of which one to buy, as they are sold in the same package. This way you can join Elegant Themes, try both of themes and decide on which one to use later.

As for my own personal preference, as a WordPress designer, I prefer to use Extra for larger blogs or magazine-style websites. So far I have used the Extra theme on 2 of my projects. One of them is called Regenerate Magazine. You can see a screenshot of this website below (this website is no longer live, so I cannot provide you with a link to it):


Extra Theme Example

one of my Extra theme projects


Of course, you can create even better designs than mine with Extra. The features that Extra has and Divi is missing is its Category Builder using which you can set up your homepage to showcase posts excerpts of your blog posts with images from various categories. This way it will look like a magazine website or blog.

Another features of Extra are that it uses mega menu with nice links underline effect already by default and it also features a trending bar at the very top (I have disabled this on my project). And it also has nice author boxes that show at the bottom of your posts. With Divi you would need to use a custom plugin for this or would need to code it with some additional code.

Overall, I can say that Extra is a great theme suitable for certain kind of projects and I’m looking forward to using it again, once I have another project ideal for it.

On the other hand, if you consider using Divi and want to see some examples of it, you can check out my Services page to see some of my best Divi projects. Or you can also check out these 7 nice Divi theme examples.

I hope I have helped you at least a little to compare Divi vs Extra.

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