8 Divi Theme Facebook Groups You Should Join

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If you are using Divi for some time now, you probably already are a member of a Divi Facebook group. If not, you should definitely join at least one. Divi Facebook groups are great for getting quick help with solving your Divi problems. Yes, there is the Elegant Themes support forum as well, but sometimes a Facebook group can be better. There are many experienced Divi designers hanging on in these groups that are ready to help you. From my own experience, I was able to get most of my problems solved within a few minutes thanks to these groups. Also, you can learn a lot (either some Divi tricks or CSS tweaks) just by reading these groups’ posts and comments.


Divi Theme Facebook Groups


However, before I start mentioning the groups, please try to follow these rules when participating in them:

Before asking a question, use the Facebook search function. It is very likely that your problem might already be discussed in the past by some other group members.

If your problem or question is not particularly related to the Divi theme, write the acronym NDR at the beginning of your post. It means “Not Divi Related”.

When your problem is solved already, edit your post and put *****SOLVED***** at the beginning of your post, so that other group members trying to help know that you have already solved your issue.

Lastly, don’t forget to give thanks for the help received.

Now let’s move on to the particular groups:

1. Divi Theme Users & Elegant Marketplace

The first one on my list is my favorite Divi Facebook group. It is also the largest Facebook Divi theme group with over 21,600 members (April 2017). This group is run by the founders of the ElegantMarketplace.com, Andrew Palmer and Eileen Lonergan.

Join this group

2. Elegant Themes User Community

This is a Divi Facebook group run by the well-known Divi guy Geno Quiroz who owns the quiroz.co blog.

Join this group

3. Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share

This is another great Divi Facebook group with many members that can be very helpful.

Join this group

4. Divi Theme Examples

This is a Divi Facebook group run by Craig Longmuir, the owner of DiviThemeExamples.com.

Join this group

5. Divi Theme Tutorials

This is a Facebook group run by Chathura Buddhika who also owns the Divi tutorials directory divi.tutsdirectory.com.

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6. Divi Web Designers

This one is probably the newest group from all those on my list. It is managed by the Elegant Themes author & Divi designer Josh Hall.

Join this group

7. Divi Soupies

Currently, this is the smallest group on my list. It is run by Michelle Nunan of DiviSoup.com.

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8. Divi Freelancers for Hire

The last one on my list is a group that is a little different. In this group it is not allowed to ask for Divi help, nor ask for work. It is for job posting only. So if you have a lot of work and need to outsource it, you can find designers and/or developers in it. Or, if you are looking for work, you may be checking the job offerings in this group.

Join this group

So this is the end of my list. I hope to see you around. :)

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