Is Divi Theme Good for SEO? Find Out Now

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The Divi theme is SEO friendly, as long as you install and property configure a WordPress SEO plugin (like RankMath, Yoast SEO, or All in One SEO – free versions will be enough) and keep some basic on-page SEO practices.

These include:

  • Make sure your website is not blocked for crawling and indexing in its robots.txt file.
  • Make sure you include your target keywords in your texts.
  • Make sure you use proper hierarchical headings structure (h1, h2, h3, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to add descriptive ALT tags to your images.
  • Avoid black hat SEO practices, for example, hiding texts on your websites.
  • Use internal and external links.
  • Set up SEO-friendly URLs.
  • Don’t use too many unnecessary plugins.
  • Use a fast & reliable web hosting provider.
  • Create quality content that solves your users’ problems.

Moreover, if you want free traffic to your Divi websites from search engines, you will most likely need to get some backlinks from other websites as well. This is called off-page SEO. You can hire an agency to do this for you or you can do it yourself too.

Also, keep in mind that SEO takes time, so you will need a lot of patience. It can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months until your website starts ranking on Google SERPs. If you need instant traffic, you might consider PPC advertising which is a more expensive solution, though. If you find yourself in need of extra help with SEO technical aspects, you can consider hiring an SEO developer to manage your projects. Renowned companies and emerging startups often opt for Toptal’s dedicated SEO freelancers to handle their essential software initiatives.

The Divi theme also has some SEO settings available within its general settings. These include, for example, custom titles, custom keywords, canonical URLs, etc.


Divi Theme SEO Settings


Best SEO Plugins for Divi

The best SEO plugins for Divi are actually the best SEO plugins for WordPress. There is no special SEO plugin ideal for Divi, as the most popular WordPress SEO plugins work fine with any WordPress theme.

3 most popular SEO plugins for WordPress (and Divi) are:

  • Rank Math SEO – This one is my favorite. It is also the newest one.
  • Yoast SEO – Another awesome SEO plugin.
  • All in One SEO – I’m using this one on this particular blog. This plugin was acquired by Syed Balkhi from WPBeginner who is continuously improving it.

From the beginning you will be fine with a free version of any of these plugins (unless you need some special premium featured). I personally haven’t upgraded to the premium version yet, as I’m still fine with the free version.

Also, each one of these 3 SEO plugins is integrated within the Divi’s visual builder settings. That means you can easily add, for example, the Meta descriptions to your blog posts when editing them with the Divi visual builder.

Overall, Divi can work like any other WordPress theme, so we can definitely say that Divi is good for SEO. There is nothing to worry about.

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