Divi Icons List – Preview

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Update: Hundreds of new icons were added to Divi on November 4, 2021. They have integrated FontAwesome icons within Divi’s default icons. Moreover, they have added 36 new social media networks icons as well. You can read more details about this Divi update on the Elegant Themes blog or you also can view the latest Divi icons here.

This article will be a really short one, as I just wanted to feature all the icons available within the Divi theme (for example in the blurb module). So here they are. You can see them all on the following image.


Divi Icons Set


Note: Divi already has much more icons available for you than just the ones that you can see on the image above. These are just the basic original Divi theme icons that Divi included by default before the Divi icons update came out.

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