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In this article, I will be briefly reviewing a premium header layout pack for Divi that is available on the Elegant Themes Marketplace. You can also read more about these header layouts here on the Elegant Themes blog. Here we go to my review:

Header is probably one of the most important parts of the website. It is the first thing the visitor will see after loading the website, as it is on the top of the page. Furthermore, the users are using the header all the time to browse through your website so it must be intuitive yet good-looking.

If you decide to buy this Header Layout Pack for the Divi theme, you will get a set of over 100 different headers that you can choose from. Those are made for any type of website using Divi. You will be amazed by the wide range of possibilities how you can customize your header.

Now let’s look at some of the headers, you can choose from after uploading the layouts. I won’t be talking about all of the header options but about the categories from which you can select.

The first category from which you can choose is Simple Headers. If you don’t want anything complicated but you still want to design the header according to you, this category will be perfect for you. There are 37 headers in this category, usually including your logo, menu, social media icons, button or even contact information.


Divi Theme Simple Headers Layout Pack


If you want to elevate the style and look more professional, I recommend choosing from Advanced Headers. As the previous category the usually contain logo, menu and some other features, but this time you are able to customize it much more. For example, you can add icons to the menu items or go with two menus in the header.


Divi Advanced Headers


If you are running your e-shop on WordPress and you are using WooCommerce, you will definitely like Headers for WooCommerce. Those are fully customized so that you can easily use them for your online shop. Besides the conventional features, the header contains three icons linked to the wish list, customer account and the cart. Furthermore, some headers include search bar so your customers can search for the products.


Divi Header Layouts for WooCommerce


In case you don’t need a big header, or you want to hide it, you can choose from Fullscreen Overlay Menu category. At the first sight, the menu is hidden. There is just a small icon, which will show the menu after clicking on the icon. Then the whole menu is expanded over the full screen. There are many advantages – it is beautiful, you will have a lot of space for your menu and this menu will elevate the user experience.


Divi Header Layouts with Square Logos


If you don’t like the headers from the previous category but still want to hide some of the links or you just need to place more links and you don’t want the header to look messy, you can go with a Header with a Slide-In. There is also an icon, which will expand navigation menu after a simple click. This time the menu won’t cover the whole screen but just a small slide-in will appear.

There are still some categories left. If you have square logo, there is a special category with headers for a square-shaped logos. If you need a huge menu with lots of links, there is a category of headers with a mega menu. Furthermore, the creators of the plugin didn’t forget about mobile users, so there is a special category just for mobile menus.

Overall, I would say that this plugin is a must have. There are more than 100 styles so every webdesigner will find the best one for the website. The header, you can create with this tool, will wow all visitors and customers and it looks professional. Thanks to this plugin, the menu will be clear to everyone, and it will be easy to find anything on your website.

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