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In this article, I’d like to write about what to do if your Divi contact form is not sending emails. I already have some experience with this, so I will explain to you how to solve this problem.

When the Divi contact form is not working, there may be many reasons for it. On some web hosts, it doesn’t work just because they disable PHP mail for security reasons.

If you create a website with WordPress and use the Divi theme with its contact form module, the first thing to verify is to check if the contact form works. Does it not work? Read on.

We will install an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) plugin to make it work. Don’t worry if it looks complicated, I will explain it to you step-by-step with all the details.

Step by Step: How to Make the Divi Contact Form Work

The first thing you should do if your contact form is not working is to create an email account at your web hosting account (in case you already don’t have one).

After this, go to your WP admin panel and install the Easy WP SMTP plugin and activate it.

Below I will explain how to configure it.

To access the plugin’s settings, go to:

WP admin panel: Settings > Easy WP SMTP

In my screenshot below you can see what is necessary to fill in for every setting.


Easy WP SMTP Plugin Settings - Divi


You will need to enter the following details:

1) From Email Address – This email address will be used in the “From” field
2) From Name – This text will be used in the “FROM” field (this can be your name)
I leave the “Force From Name Replacement” option unchecked
3) Reply-To Email Address – I just leave this blank, as I want to have the sender’s email address as the reply-to email
4) BCC Email Address – Add one or more email addresses here if you want to send private copies of the emails
5) SMTP Host – Your mail server
6) Type of Encryption – For most servers, SSL/TLS is the recommended option
7) SMTP Port – The port to your mail server
8) SMTP Authentication – This option should always be checked “Yes”
9) SMTP Username – The username to login to your mail server
10) SMTP Password – The password to login to your mail server

If your web hosting provider offers SSL encryption, choose this option as I’ve done. When you enter all details click “Save Changes”.

As for your SMTP username (9) and SMTP password (10), these are the details of your email account at your web hosting provider. You will need to have one because it will be used for sending emails from your contact form.

And no, you won’t have to use it, just create it and simply continue using your Gmail account (or whatever you use) for your emails.

Test if it works

In the settings tab at the top you can see “Test Email”, so just enter the email address which you want to send emails to, from your contact form into the “To” field. Enter some subject and a message and hit the “Send Test Email” button. Check your email and voila if you have received it. Now your contact form should work. It was pretty easy, wasn’t it?

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PS: You might also like to try using a different WordPress SMTP plugin if you don’t like this one. WP Mail SMTP by WPForms is a great alternative and it works in a similar way as well.

PS2: If you are receiving spam submissions from your Divi contact form, read my other article on how to stop getting them.

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