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If you are looking to buy some pre-made child themes for the Divi theme to make your designing process a lot easier, I have compiled a list of the top Divi child themes sellers. Below I’m listing my favorite Divi stores. Some of them don’t sell just child themes, but premium plugins and Divi addons, too.

Divi Life

DiviLife Premium Child Themes


The number one on my list is Divi Life that is run by Tim Strifler. Besides Divi child themes, he sells great premium Divi plugins, too. I’m using some of them on Divi websites that I create for my clients, for example, Divi Overlays or Divi Bars – for showing popups and notification bars on my websites.

And here are the most popular premium Divi child themes from Divi Life:

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Divi Cake

Divi Cake Marketplace


Divi Cake is a community marketplace for Divi child themes, layouts, and plugins. Ultimately, Divi Cake was created to help everyone build amazing Divi websites in a fraction of the time, and to empower the Divi developer community by providing a space to showcase their incredible talent. What makes Divi Cake special is the power given to Divi developers. No longer do you have to sell exclusively or negotiate a price. Sell everywhere, including competing marketplaces, set your own prices, and build your brand. The developers of Divi Cake are also the creators of two superb plugins, Gravity Divi and Divi Breadcrumbs. Also, I started selling my Divi child theme Blue Biz on Divi Cake, too.

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Elegant Marketplace

Divi Child Themes


Elegant Marketplace is run by the founders of the famous Facebook group Divi Theme Users (BTW, it’s my favorite Divi FB group and it’s the most popular one, as well) Eileen Lonergan and Andrew Palmer. They sell on this website many nice Divi child themes. One recent example of such child theme is the Divi Clinic child theme that I really like. Besides child themes they also sell many useful Divi plugins.

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Aspen Grove Studios

Aspen Grove Studios Divi Addons


This Divi eshop doesn’t sell just child themes, but they also sell Divi Demo Layouts which are quite cheap (you can buy them in the range of $5 – $20 USD). And they also sell great Divi plugins like e.g. Divi Ghoster that allows you to white label your Divi website. This can be useful for you if are developing Divi websites for your clients and you don’t want them to see that you are using Divi. Instead of that you can e.g. put your company logo on the WP login page. Or another good plugin for Divi that they offer is the Aspen Footer Editor that allows you to edit your footer links easily without the necessity of touching the HTML code of your theme (and it works with Extra theme, too).

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Divi Soup

Divi Child Themes Shop


This Divi ecommerce store is run by the Divi designer Michelle Nunan. She has some really nice Divi child themes in her collection worth checking out. And she also has some great courses in her Divi Academy worth checking out.

Visit Divi Soup

The Design Space . Co

Design Space Company Store


Last but not least, I’d like to mention The Design Space company. Besides very neat child themes you will also find in their store some corporate identity branding packages that include print files for business cards, letterhead, etc. Please note that not all child themes offered on this website are for Divi.

Visit The Design Space


I hope I have helped you with my list of Divi shops. These are the best ones in my opinion. Also, please note that you may find some of these digital products available for sale on more than just one of these websites, as some authors are cross-selling their items.

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