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Before I start writing this brief review of the Divi Builder plugin, I’d like to invite you to check out my other article that explains what is Divi Builder – just in case you are a total newbie to Divi. And if you are new to WordPress too, you can read my other article that explains what is WordPress.


Divi Builder Plugin


Also, you might like to check out my Divi theme review article, too, as the Divi Builder plugin actually works the same way like the Divi theme (and I have written more about Divi in that article than in this one). The only difference is that it is a page builder plugin, not a theme. But the work with it is basically the same.

So here we go to my review:

If you have already had your hands on the Divi theme by ElegantThemes.com, you must be familiar with its Page Builder. And if you are one of those Divi users, like I am, who have fallen in love with Divi and cannot stop using it, you can now use the Divi Builder with literally any WordPress theme, be it a premium or a free theme. From my own experience, I have already successfully used it on a client’s website on which we used a TemplateMonster theme. So I can confirm that it really works (even with Template Monster or ThemeForest themes) and it makes our work a lot easier.

If you are using a different builder plugin, e.g. WPBakery Page Builder (formerly known as Visual Composer), I recommend you to give a try to Divi Builder. If you have not used any ElegantThemes’ products yet, I suggest you to check out their documentation first. To get you a general idea of what this plugin is for, I will explain it briefly: After you install the Divi plugin (or the Divi theme), you will see a “Use The Divi Builder” button above your pages visual editor (or your posts as well). When you click on this button, you will activate the Divi Builder and you can use it to add various sections, modules, columns to your layout and all works with the drag and drop functionality. So it is really easy to use.


Divi Builder Screenshot


The Divi Builder plugin comes with the Divi library, like the Divi theme does as well, so you can save your Divi layouts, make them global, etc. and you can export them and use on your other websites. This is a really great feature of which I’m taking advantage.

You can learn more about the Divi Builder Plugin and can get it here. And you can also see there some really nice WordPress layouts examples created with Divi here.

Feel free to let me know in the comments below, after you try it, if you like it. Also, do not hesitate to contact me if you need help with using it.

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