Divi 4.0 Released with its new Theme Builder

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Yesterday (October 17th, 2019), a major update to the Divi theme was released. Divi 4.0 comes with its new Theme Builder. Below I will briefly explain what it brings to Divi.

The Theme Builder update has been a long-awaited feature to be added to the Divi theme. It brings us custom headers and footers that you can apply globally to your whole Divi website or just some parts of it. If you ever wanted to design a different header / menu bar for your Divi website, you didn’t have many options. But now it is possible and the options are unlimited.

Below you can see some examples of headers and footers that you can create with Divi. If you like them and want to use particularly these, just keep an eye on the Elegant Themes blog, as they will be releasing these layouts for free download during the next few days.


Divi 4.0 Headers and Footers


And here are some theme builder demos (to be released as free layouts on the ET blog as well):


Divi 4.0 Free Layout


WooCommerce modules, blog post layouts and custom 404 pages also got better in this update. You can create new global layouts for them. Now it is possible to create a nice online store with Divi as well. Before there weren’t so many options for this.

However, if you already have a Divi website and want to update to Divi 4, I wouldn’t do it yet. As for me personally, I’m going to wait a few weeks before I update to Divi 4 until all possible bugs get resolved. Tim from DiviLife has a great video in which he explains how to update to Divi 4.0 safely, so I’d recommend you to check it out. He says, for example, that it is important to always make a backup of your website, but some other things as well.

I’m really thrilled with this Divi update, as it brings us many new possibilities to create even more beautiful WordPress website designs with Divi.

With this new Divi release, Elegant Themes is offering some discounts on their plans. They are offering 10% off for new members or account upgrades as well. So if you have been planning to upgrade your ET membership to the Lifetime access plan, you can do so now with 10% discount. You can find more information about the Divi 4.0 new features on the Elegant Themes blog.

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