Divi 2.6 Has Been Released With Some Great New Features

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Three days ago (on January 25, 2016) Divi version 2.6. arrived. It has been released with some great new features on which I believe many of us have been waiting for. I will try to briefly review the new features in this article.


Divi 2.6. Release


So I will start with my favorite part, which is the updated contact form module. Before Divi 2.6 we were not able to have any more custom fields in the contact form other than name, email, message, captcha and the submit button. Now that Divi theme 2.6 has been released, we are able to add more fields to our forms and can customize them. It is also possible to set custom text for the form’s success message. Or you can even enable a redirect URL to which the website’s users will be redirected after clicking on the submit button. Also, I must say that it is a pity that we cannot change the text on the submit button. Hopefully we will see this option in one of the next Divi updates.

Another great feature are the new header styles that include new slider styles.

From now we can also disable certain elements on mobile, tablet or desktop. So if you want to make your website look better and uncluttered on e.g. mobile devices, in the module settings you can disable that particular module on e.g. mobiles.

Divi 2.6 also comes with some great new modules, not just improved existing modules. There are 5 new modules: button module (new styles for the buttons), post slider module, comments module, search module and post navigation module.

Lastly, we have also had the ePanel (Divi Theme Options) revamped. Its design now matches the Divi builder’s design style. I guess the next time we will see the ElegantThemes website redesigned, maybe. :)

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