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UPDATE: This blog post is no longer relevant, as ATD has stopped selling their Divi Widget Header plugin. Also, with Divi 4.0, that was released in October 2019, you no longer need it. Divi 4.0 comes with its Theme Builder, using which you can create your own headers and footers.

I have had an opportunity to try a custom child theme for the Divi theme that completely changes the header and navigation and also adds a widgetized area. This Divi child theme comes from the guys at (update: this website no longer works). So in this article I will try to briefly review what you can do with these header options.


ATD Divi Header


Many businesses want to show information in their header like business location address, a link to their yelp reviews, widgets, or maybe even a call to action button. Using the basic Divi options this is very difficult to do and look great on all devices, unless you know how to code.

Another great feature is the Navigation bar. It is adjustable in length from 50-100% of the desktop screen so you can choose what length navigation bar looks best with your website!

In the image you will see font awesome icons with two lines of text. That is easily added because they developed a widget for this. The social media icons are also a widget so everything is super simple, integrated within the theme customizer settings so once you place your widgets you can choose the colors that work best with your website. These font awesome text widgets also work in other widget areas like the footer or sidebar, so you can add these fa-widgets to your Divi footer, too.

I have had many clients ask me to add widgets, or text, or small images to the header and I always cringe when they ask, because I know it will be a lot of work to look great on all devices, and in the end costs the client more. If this child theme had existed then, it would have made my work much easier! So if you are looking for more advanced options for your Divi header, I recommend you give a try to this child theme. The Divi Widget Header child theme costs $60 $30. When you buy it once, you can use it on as many websites as you want.

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