How to Design Custom Header with Divi Theme

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Since the version 4.0 of Divi that was released in October 2019, you are no longer limited to the standard “Divi-like” header with its typical logo on the left and menu links on the right side.

The Theme Builder feature, that was added to Divi in this update, allows you to design your own custom header with the Divi Builder and apply it to your whole Divi website (or only to e.g. blog posts). And you can create not only your header this way, but the footer as well.

You will find the link to the Theme Builder under the “Divi” menu link in your WP admin panel.

So to create a custom header for your Divi website or blog, just go to the Theme Builder, click “Add Global Header” and then either click “Build Global Header” to build your custom header with the Divi Builder. Or, click “Add From Library” if you just want to add your header from the Divi Library. You might have created it earlier or downloaded it from somewhere.


Divi Theme Builder Custom Header


For a complete tutorial on how you can design and style your Divi header, I recommend you to check this tutorial on the Elegant Themes blog. And you can read more about the Theme Builder in this ET Divi 4 Release blog post.

What I love about the new Theme Builder is the possibility to set a certain header (or footer, or even body) layout to particular WordPress post types. This way you can have a different header or footer for your pages, different for your posts, projects or even different for your WooCommerce products, etc.

Also, you can download some great premade header layouts (see below) for Divi here.

And if you are looking for more Divi header layout options, check out my newer article on this blog in which I have reviewed a premium Divi header layouts pack that comes with 100+ ready-made headers & menus.


Header Designs for Divi


To create a global footer for your website, the process is the same like for the header. It can be useful to have a custom footer, for example if you need to add a disclaimer text into your footer below the copyright text. Or maybe you might want to style differently the Divi social icons. Recently on one of my client’s websites I needed to center them, so I created a custom footer.

I hope that these new Divi header options will help to make your Divi designing process much more enjoyable. I think it brings us many new possibilities.

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