Choosing the Best Font for Your WordPress Website

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Creating a website is not an easy task as it takes a lot of time to get ready a professional and unique website. Those who are currently running their website might know the real struggle behind it. There are many factors that are playing a big role behind a successful website and one of them is the selection of the right font.

If the selected fonts go well with the content published on the site, it would surely give you maximum benefit. If you have a WordPress site and you are searching for ways to select the best fonts to make the site class apart, you are in the right place. In this guide, I am going to explain how to choose the best fonts for a WordPress site.


Choosing the Best Font for your WordPress Website


Why Fonts Matter?

One of the main questions people often ask is why fonts play an essential role in the success and failure of a website? At first, it might don’t seem that important, but you surely know why it should be given priority with time. Each font depicts a specific mood, and the readability factors are totally dependent on the font you choose for the site.

The better the font, the more readability score it would have. It is said that each font conveys a message, and if the message is conveyed wrong, it will surely have an adverse impact on the user’s mind. Isn’t it? Hence, keeping these factors in mind, I am here with a detailed guide on how to select fonts.

By the end of this guide, you will surely find a solution. Let’s get along with the article and have a detailed discussion on it.

Selecting the Best Font for WordPress

A few steps involved in choosing the best fonts include:

1. It Should Convey the Right Message

Each font displays a special emotion and message, so make sure it should be the right one. Textual styles are a vital segment of building a brand. They make sure that your textual style scheme is strong with the remainder of your visual marking. Whatever font you have chosen for the site should be matched with the site’s branding.

If your website’s niche is fashion or entertainment, you can come across various fonts that would go best with such a niche but if you are going to start a website about education or technology then you might face an issue while choosing a good font. So, this is where Univers font family comes into action. This is a common Sans-Serif typeface used by many notable brands for a long time. It is a unique typeface that comprises 44 different weights.

Similarly, you can get your hands on many Serif and Sans-Serif typeface according to your WordPress website’s main theme. Hence, whatever website you are making, make sure the fonts you have selected should convey the appropriate message; otherwise, it will cause trouble in the future.

2. Rate the Fonts with Value

We all know that each font comprises different importance; hence we often use multiple fonts on the website to enhance the importance. However, one of the most significant problems often seen in different websites is the excessive use of fonts that make your site look odd. To solve this issue, limit the number of fonts used on a website.

In order to maintain a hierarchy, use 3 fonts in a website, one as primary font, 1 as a secondary font, and 3rd one as an optional font. As the name describes, the primary font is of great importance so make sure whatever font you chose as a primary it should have high importance. This font will better represent your brand, so never take it for granted.

You use the secondary font for writing paragraphs or blogs, or descriptions, so make sure to choose the eye-catchy and unique font for this purpose. Go for that font that will not be hard to read and understand. Last but not least, your optional font will be used for specific and special purposes, and usually, that font is self-contained for a call-to-action purpose.

3. Master the Typography’s Basic

Before starting something new, one should first facilitate themselves with a basic understanding. Similarly, once you know every detail regarding Typography, it would be easy for you to always go for the right font. Learning about the basics of Typography is the perfect solution. Among 3 basic typefaces, you should know which one is used for which purpose.

For example, Serif fonts are known to be classical fonts and are also usually interconnected with prints, so whenever you want to give a touch of a classic to your website, you can go for Serif Fonts.

On the other hand, Sans-Serif fonts are known to be modern and clearer that increases the readability score and makes people understand your text better. Once you know these little details, things will become easy for you. Another common font type Script fonts are handwritten textual styles that are mostly used for titles because of their unique touch.

4. Use Text Themes

Once you are done with the font scheme, you will need to settle on various letter sizes for enormous titles, captions, and passage text. To kick you off, you should decide on the text theme first. For instance, you can go for 50 px for the title, while for the paragraph, you can set 20 pixels. On the other hand, 25 pixels would be suitable for subtitles.

Once you set these text themes, it will be undemanding for you to create readable text. Apart from size, a few other factors also involve, including either to use bold or italic. However, excessive use of bold and italic will make your website look peculiar, so don’t exceed the limit. By following the above-mentioned tips, you can have a pre-eminent WordPress site.


Typography is an art that involves a clear and understandable website, and to make your website striking and worth appreciating, appropriate fonts should be the priority. If you are new to this field, you will surely face various problems that would be resolved with time.

However, this guide will surely help you to choose the perfect fonts for your WordPress site in the future. Take notes from this guide and pay special consideration to font selection to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

PS: To find out which fonts are included within Divi, you can check out my other article on this blog about Divi theme fonts.

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