How to Change Divi Search Module’s Button Text

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In case you are trying to change the text on the Divi theme search module’s button and don’t know how to do it, just read this article. I will explain to you how you can do it easily.

First of all, you might be wondering why I want to do this. My reason for doing this was that I created a “404 not found” error page for a client’s website that I was building with Divi. It was a Divi project for a Slovak client and there was a small error in the Slovak Divi translation. On my screenshot below, you can see that one special character was displayed as ¾ which was not correct (note: I have written another article about correcting Divi translation errors over here).


Search Button Module Text


So, if you experience something similar, or just have any other reason to change the text on the submit button on your search form, there is a quick fix for this. We will use a little JavaScript code for this.

Here we go then:

Firstly, add a custom CSS class to your search module. We will do this so that we can target it individually without affecting all the other modules. So, for example, you can use “custom-search” CSS class.


Custom CSS Class


Next, go to Divi Theme Options > Integrations > Add code to the < head > of your blog and just add the following JavaScript code into this field:

jQuery(“.custom-search input.et_pb_searchsubmit”).val(“Search”);


Divi Theme Options Integration


Replace the “Search” string in the code with your desired text.

Then, click “Save Changes” and don’t forget to clear your cache, too.

After this, it should work. I hope you will find this Divi quick tip helpful. And if you want to read my future Divi tips, you can subscribe to my newsletter and I will email you everytime when I publish a new article.

PS: You might also like to check out my other article on how to add an animated CTA button to your Divi website.

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