How to Change the Logo on Divi Theme

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NOTE: Since the Divi version 4.0 (released in October 2019) you can create your own custom header with the Divi Theme Builder and can place your logo anywhere into it. So you are no longer limited to having just a small logo in the top left corner. You can read more about the Divi custom header in my other article. The tutorial below explains how to change Divi logo if you have not created a custom header for your Divi website (using the Divi Theme Builder).

Most of you probably already know how to change the logo on your Divi website, but I wanted to write a quick tutorial on how to do it for Divi beginners.


Change Divi Theme Logo


So all you need to do is to just go to: Divi > Theme Options in your WordPress admin panel. Then in the Divi Theme Options General Settings just upload your logo image.


Divi Theme Options Change Logo


The default Divi logo image is a .PNG image of the size 93 x 43 pixels. So if you want to keep the height of your primary menu the same like it is on the Divi demo site, just keep the height of your logo at 43px. The width can be longer. However, do not worry to use even a larger logo image for your website, because the primary menu height value, as well as the logo max height, can be increased in the customizer.

As for the format of the image, I recommend a .JPG, .GIF or .PNG. Whichever one looks best for you.

I also recommend you to read this article about Divi logo sizing on the Elegant Themes blog. It will help you better understand how the Divi logo sizing works in the Divi fullwidth menu module.

And that’s all for this today’s tutorial.

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