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How to Change Divi Search Module’s Button Text

In case you are trying to change the text on the Divi theme search module's button and don't know how to do it, just read this article. I will explain to you how you can do it easily. First of all, you might be wondering why I want to do this. My reason for doing this...

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Divi Theme Map Module not Working? Solution Here

Are you desperately trying to add a Google map to your Divi website? You have done everything that is necessary (you created a Google maps API key and added it to your Divi theme options) and the map still does not load? If you are still receiving errors, just...

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How to Clear Cache on SiteGround Hosting – Tutorial

In this short article, I will explain to you how you can clear cache on your SiteGround-hosted website. By default, the SiteGround hosting uses its own in-house caching app called SuperCacher for WordPress websites. This feature is enabled by default. And if you are...

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How to Change Divi Footer Text Size (and Link Color)

Recently, when I was creating a website for a local client with Divi, I encountered a problem. I wanted to make the text in the footer smaller because it was too big. However, the settings for this option in the Divi Customizer somehow didn't work in this case. In...

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How to Get Rid of a Cookie Consent Banner

In case you set up a cookie consent bar or banner on your website in order to comply with the EU and California (CCPA) laws, I have a clever workaround for you that will not require you to display a cookie notice anymore. Usually, you have to display a cookie notice...

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How to Add Border to Images with Custom CSS Code

Are you creating a tutorial with some screenshot images? You have already written your WordPress post and added some screenshot images to it? Or, you have an article with more images that would look better if the images had borders around them? And you don't want to...

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Termly: GDPR & Privacy Policy Solution for your Website

Everyone who owns a website should know about the regulations set by different laws. Today, it is almost impossible to know every regulation which you must follow. If you want to be compliant and follow all the regulations such as GDPR, CCPA or other laws, you will...

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Choosing the Best Font for Your WordPress Website

Creating a website is not an easy task as it takes a lot of time to get ready a professional and unique website. Those who are currently running their website might know the real struggle behind it. There are many factors that are playing a big role behind a...

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How to Add Buyer Notification Popups to a WooCommerce Store

Do you have your own online store? No matter if it is running on Shopify, Magento, Wix, or WordPress + WooCommerce, I have a great sales booster solution for you. It is called ProveSource and it is a social proof plugin that will help increase your online sales. In...

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5 Free WordPress Plugins You Should Use

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