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UPDATE: This free plugin works with other WordPress themes than just Divi as well.

Do you have a blog on your Divi website? If yes, you might find useful a plugin that I have released. It is called Author Box for Divi and below I will explain you how it works and what its features are.

Firstly, you can download this plugin for free from the official WordPress plugin repository. Here’s the link to the plugin: Author Box for Divi


Author Box for Divi Plugin Featured Image


The main reason why I created this plugin is that I wanted to have an author bio at the bottom of all my blog posts on my Divi blog. So I’m using it right on this blog, too. You can check yourself the bottom part of this blog post and you will be able to see it.

The features of my plugin include:

In the plugin’s settings in the WP admin panel you can choose text color, background color and border color of your author box.


Author Box for Divi Plugin Settings


Then in the Users > Your Profile section in your WP admin panel you can fill in the URLs of your social networks’ profiles. Only those that you fill in will show in your author box. You can also add the URL of your photograph here that will show as your profile picture. If you leave this field blank, your Gravatar picture will be shown as your profile picture.



And you can also specify the text that will show before the author’s name. This can be, for example, “Written by” or “Author:”.

This plugin doesn’t require the Divi theme or the Divi Builder plugin to work. It works with any WordPress theme.

I hope you will find this plugin helpful for your WordPress blogs.

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