How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress Website

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In this article, I will briefly explain how you can add social sharing buttons to your WordPress website or blog. There are more WordPress plugins for this, but my favorite one, and the one that I recommend, is the Monarch plugin. It is the only plugin that you will need for this. It is a premium plugin and it costs $89, but together with this plugin you are getting access to another very useful plugin called Bloom (for email subscriptions) as well as the Divi theme with its page builder. So in my opinion it is a really great value. This website is built with the Divi theme and actually my whole blog is dedicated to it. I’m its huge fan like you can see. And I’m using both Monarch & Bloom on this website, too, so you can see it all in action. :)

So once you already have an Elegant Themes subscription purchased, log into your account and download the plugin package. Then in your WordPress admin panel go to Plugins > Add New and upload the plugin’s .zip package and activate it.


Monarch Social Sharing Locations


Next, you will find the plugin options in Tools > Monarch Settings. From here you can configure the plugin. You can choose the locations of the social share buttons on your theme (sidebar floating bar, inline, pop up, fly in and on media). You can choose which social networks’ buttons you want to have on your website – e.g.: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. There are many other options. You can choose the colors, icons style and animation effect. And you can also choose if you want to display the buttons on posts only, on pages only or on the homepage only, etc. Or on all post types.


Social Sharing Buttons Design Settings


You can also create a pop-up or fly in that you can set to appear on your screen after a certain action (e.g. trigger after scrolling or after time delay of X seconds).

Another feature of the Monarch plugin is the social follow widget or shortcode. You can enter your social media profiles URLs (e.g.: and then add a Monarch widget to your sidebar or a shortcode to a Divi module and this will display your social follow buttons.

Also, don’t forget to enter your ET username and API key in the “Enable Updates” tab (the lock icon in the top right corner), so that you will be able to update the plugin to a newer version when an update is released. So this is all you need to do to set this plugin up. You are now good to go.

Finally, I’d like to note that there are other ways of how to add social sharing buttons to your WordPress website too, but in case you decide to use the Divi theme, Monarch is a no-brainer, as you get it included within the Divi’s license.

PS: You might also like to check out my other article on how to add email opt-in boxes to your WordPress website.

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