How to Add Another Social Icon to Divi

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Have you ever wanted to add an Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn or YouTube button to your Divi website? By default, there are just Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS icons in the footer (or in the secondary menu bar if you chose this option in the Customizer). In this tutorial article I will explain you in short how you can add another icon.


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So let’s say I want to add an Instagram icon. We will have to do this by touching some of the theme’s code. Open the file social-icons.php located in the “includes” directory of the Divi’s files.

To add an Instagram icon, you will need to add the following code to this file before the closing </ul> tag:

<li class=”et-social-icon et-social-instagram”>
<a href=”” class=”icon”>
<span><?php esc_html_e( ‘Instagram’, ‘Divi’ ); ?></span>

Don’t forget to replace the “youraccount” code in the Instagram URL with your Instagram page.

If you want the Instagram icon to appear e.g. between the Google+ and RSS icon, place this code below the Google+ code and above the RSS code. The RSS code starts with <?php if ( ‘on’ === et_get_option( ‘divi_show_rss_icon’, ‘on’ ) ) : ?>

Also, I recommend you to use a child theme and create the “includes” directory in it and place the social-icons.php file into it. This way the Instagram (or the other icon(s) that you have added) will not disappear when you update Divi to a newer version. If you don’t know how to create a child theme, check this my post on it here. It is really easy.

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