Today I want to share with you a great free resource. The guys at AspenGroveStudios have compiled a collection of the Divi demo layouts. If you don’t know which Divi layouts I mean, I mean the nice websites examples created with the Divi theme on the Divi demo website. They have made the exact Divi page builder layouts for these websites available. This way you can check how the particular Divi modules are used in these layouts and can learn how to create similar layouts yourself.


Divi Page Builder Layouts


So to be able to see these Divi layouts you need to add this product to cart on their website and then register (even if it’s free, you need to add it to cart). After you register, just log in on their website here and then click “View” under “My memberships” or “Recent orders” and you will be able to check the layouts.

This resource will come in really handy for Divi designers. Enjoy it! :)

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