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Author Box for Divi – Free Plugin for WordPress Blogs

UPDATE: This free plugin works with other WordPress themes than just Divi as well. Do you have a blog on your Divi website? If yes, you might find useful a plugin that I have released. It is called Author Box for Divi and below I will explain you how it works and what...

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Blue Biz – my first Divi Child Theme

Today I'd like to officially release my very first Divi Child theme. It is called Blue Biz and I have been working on it for the last couple of months. It took me some time to learn how to properly design it, package it and prepare for sale. Below you can see its...

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3 Helpful Free Tools for Web Designers That I Use

Today's article for my blog will be a little different one, because I'm not going to share any Divi quick tip, nor a CSS code tutorial, but I'd like to share with you some useful utilities that I'm using on my PC. I'm using more tools, but I will highlight the top 3...

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Divi Theme Review

I wanted to talk to you today about an amazing theme within the Elegant Theme suite, and I wanted to take a moment to give you my review. You've probably already heard of it, it's called the Divi theme, and it's a very flexible, and overall user-friendly theme. First...

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Divi Theme Examples

I have handpicked 7 examples of websites created with the Divi theme that I personally like. Feel free to click on the links below the images to see these websites live. These websites fully demonstrate the awesome Divi's potential to create really nice-looking...

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