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How to Customize Divi Contact Form Success Message

Today I'm going to tell you how you can customize your Divi contact form success message. Yes, in the contact form module settings you can type the message that you want to display after successful form submission. But I will explain how you can, for example, change...

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Elegant Themes HandHeld Plugin Review

If you want to make your website to be mobile friendly and don't want to change its desktop look, the Elegant Themes HandHeld plugin can be a great solution for you. With the Google's Mobilegeddon update or Google's plans to release its mobile first index, you should...

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Does Divi Theme Support WooCommerce? Yes + Examples

If you ever wondered if the Divi theme works with WooCommerce, then I can tell you yes, it does. The Elegant Themes' Divi theme is fully compatible with the WooCommerce plugin. And it works with other ecommerce plugins as well, like, for example, Easy Digital...

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How to Add Back to Top Button on Divi Theme and Customize it

If you ever wondered how you can add a “back to top” button to your Divi website, I will explain how to do it in this article. I will also explain how you can customize it.     So first of all you may wonder why you might even need this function. Whether you have a...

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How to Change the Logo on Divi Theme

Most of you probably already know how to change the logo on your Divi website, but I wanted to write a quick tutorial on how to do it for Divi beginners.     So all you need to do is to just go to: Divi > Theme Options in your WordPress admin panel. Then in the Divi...

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8 Divi Theme Facebook Groups You Should Join

If you are using Divi for some time now, you probably already are a member of a Divi Facebook group. If not, you should definitely join at least one. Divi Facebook groups are great for getting quick help with solving your Divi problems. Yes, there is the Elegant...

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How to Not Make the Header Smaller on Scroll

If you are using Divi for some time already, you probably know that the Divi header (the logo & the primary menu) shrinks when you scroll down. I personally like this feature. It is a kind of an animated effect that makes the website's experience interactive. However,...

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How to Add Social Icons to Primary Menu

The Divi theme has the social sharing icons by default shown in the footer and in the secondary menu bar (if you have the secondary menu enabled). But have you ever wanted to have them in your primary menu? If yes, I will explain you in this post how you can do it.  ...

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How to Add a 3rd CTA Button to Divi Theme

By default, you can have a maximum of 2 CTA buttons on a Divi module. However, what if you need 3 or more? There is a quick trick on how to do it and today I will explain you how.     So let's say I have the fullwidth header module on the top of my homepage and I want...

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Divi Theme Alternative – Genesis Framework

I'm a big Divi fan and am really not planning to stop using it anytime soon. However, I think this does not mean that I couldn't write about other themes. And today I have decided to write a little about the Genesis Framework. If you are not satisfied with Divi for...

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