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How to Not Make the Header Smaller on Scroll

If you are using Divi for some time already, you probably know that the Divi header (the logo & the primary menu) shrinks when you scroll down. I personally like this feature. It is a kind of an animated effect that makes the website's experience interactive....

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How to Add Social Icons to Primary Menu

The Divi theme has the social sharing icons by default shown in the footer and in the secondary menu bar (if you have the secondary menu enabled). But have you ever wanted to have them in your primary menu? If yes, I will explain you in this post how you can do it....

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How to Add a 3rd CTA Button to Divi Theme

By default, you can have a maximum of 2 CTA buttons on a Divi module. However, what if you need 3 or more? There is a quick trick on how to do it and today I will explain you how.     So let's say I have the fullwidth header module on the top of my homepage...

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Divi Theme Alternative – Genesis Framework

I'm a big Divi fan and am really not planning to stop using it anytime soon. However, I think this does not mean that I couldn't write about other themes. And today I have decided to write a little about the Genesis Framework. If you are not satisfied with Divi for...

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How to Change Slider Height on Divi Theme

Today I'm going to give you a quick tip on how to change the height of the Divi slider module. You may have come into a situation when you created a Divi website with a slider and the size of your slider was just not right. It might be too low or too high. To modify...

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How to Create Screenshot Mockups Easily Online

Today I wanted to share with you a great free online tool that I came across recently. It's a website using which you can easily create product mockups of your website (or mockups of whatever images you want) for example for your clients.     The URL of the...

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How to Hide Your WP Admin Login Page

You may wonder why you should be hiding your wp-login.php page on your WordPress website. With the WordPress CMS it is common that there are bots trying to guess your WP login details and trying to hack your website or install malware on it. If you ever had the Login...

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How to Remove Shopping Cart Icon from Divi Menu

If you are building an ecommerce store with the Divi theme and have installed the WooCommerce plugin, you probably see a shopping cart icon in your secondary menu. In this article I will explain how you can get rid of it. You may not need it or have other plans with...

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How to Add Email Subscription to WordPress Blog

If you want to add an email subscription (email opt-in) box to your WordPress website or blog, read on. I will explain you how to do it. If you have a WordPress blog, you should definitely start building your email list. You need subscribers to your blog that will be...

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How to Add Social Sharing Buttons to WordPress Website

In this article I will briefly explain how you can add social sharing buttons to your WordPress website or blog. There are more WordPress plugins for this, but my favorite one, and the one that I recommend, is the Monarch plugin. It is the only plugin that you will...

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5 Free WordPress Plugins You Should Use

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